Man Wakes Up To Find Entire Family Of Lynx Playing Outside His House

LYNX: Tim Newton lives in Alaska on a property that borders a large wilderness area, so it’s not uncommon to see wild animals crossing his yard. But that morning, a family of lynx not only passed by, they also decided to borrow their porch to play, taking advantage of the fact that Tim was still asleep.

It all started while Tim was sleeping, he was suddenly awakened by a commotion on his porch.

Tim told The Dodo:

“It was just dawn, I heard noises, it was like something was falling on the ground. »

Tim Newton
© Tim Newton

Man finds family of bobcats playing on his porch

Tim says:

“Coming out of my dream, I thought, ‘What the hell is this? So I put on my dressing gown and slowly opened the curtain, and right there, two feet away, was a lynx, sitting there watching its siblings run. »

It could have been considered like a rude awakening if the authors weren’t so adorable. So Tim took his camera.

© Tim Newton

He said :

“They were running around, clinging to each other. I started to walk away, I thought, “How incredibly lucky, this beats everything, this is wonderful. »

Lynx are elusive, and Tim has seen them very rarely in the wild. That’s why the opportunity to photograph them so close, from the comfort of his own home, was particularly exciting for him: “They were so cute, it was amazing. »

There were about three or four bobcats playing on top of each other, as Tim says, but then, it’s even better.

© Tim Newton

After a few minutes, a small lynx escaped from the terrace of Tim and walked into his yard. He thought recess must be over, when in reality it was just beginning.

Watching from his screen door, Tim heard the cubs’ mother meowing in the grass. Then, one by one, her seven children returned to the porch with their mother.

Tim clarifies:

“I have never seen so many lynx. Seeing all these lynxes under my porch, I was amazed”.

© Tim Newton

Hiding behind the door, the lynx apparently did not didn’t notice they were posing for the picture. Tim also had time to take a perfect family portrait, just before the lynxes started playing again.

“For the next 40 minutes they all played on my terrace and chased each other, rolling and fighting. »

Watching the mother lynx tend to her playful young, Tim said:

“I’ve come to the conclusion that lynx must spend 1% of their waking life chasing after rabbits, and 99% chasing after their young. »

© Tim Newton

When recess is over, the mother lynx casually gathered her kittens to return to the forest together. Tim was so amazed that this encounter seemed to him like a kind of miracle.

Tim added:

“We are always delighted to meet wild animals. It makes me grateful – grateful for where I live, grateful to have seen these lynx up close”.

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