Man Who Killed Rocky By Jumping On His Head With Both Feet Released: ‘Watch Your Dogs’

A man suffering from psychiatric problems and known to justice after having killed in 2020 the dog of a couple of walkers in the Sonian forest, near Rouge-Cloître, was recently seen in the area by a resident of Watermael- Boitsfort (Brussels). He pressed the orange Alert us button because he wants to warn the population.

This witness is indeed worried to see that the man is released and that he walks freely. On the social network Facebook, in the various community groups in the region, the concern also seems to be strong, the man having been seen by different people. “Be careful, the guy who massacred Rocky is walking around Auderghem again”Chantal wrote on May 15:

In July 2020, indeed, this man had, in a fit of madness, killed Rocky, the dog of two sexagenarian walkers. He had kicked the French bulldog before jumping with both feet on his head. The animal was dead 3 hours after this attack. He had succumbed to his injuries, according to the local press. This story had logically traumatized the inhabitants of the district.

Our services are closely monitoring the fact that the conditions of his release are respected.

The police in the Uccle-Auderghem-Boitsfort area, contacted by us, understand the emotion that this release has aroused among the population, but they want to be reassuring. “This person was indeed released several weeks ago, according to a court decision. She is currently benefiting from medico-psycho-social monitoring and our services are closely monitoring the fact that the conditions of her release are respected. This man has not been banned from going to certain places. But if witnesses see suspicious behavior, they can report it to the local police.”she told us.

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