Man with terminal brain cancer raises money to help his beloved, but disabled Chihuahua (video)

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In Arizona (USA), a man with terminal brain cancer raises funds for his disabled Chihuahua. It must be said that the hairball is a real source of joy and comfort on a daily basis.

In November 2021, Andrew Kuzyk underwent surgery to remove a tumor lodged in his brain. The latter had been discovered a few months earlier, in August. However, doctors were unable to remove it entirely, due to its inconvenient location. andrew is currently living the last months of his life, reports Newsweek in an article published on March 30, 2022.

But before receiving this inevitable sentence, andrew and his wife, pamela, welcomed new family members. Their pair of Chihuahuas, Claire and charliegave birth to adorable puppies.

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A puppy rejected by his mother

Among the newborns was Field. The latter turned out to be different from its littermates. Indeed, the little Chihuahua was born without his 2 front legs. andrew and pamela explained that the mother had rejected the runt. So they feared for his survival. But the furball could count on the help of his beloved owners, who immediately took him under his wing.

Today, Field is 6 months old. In recent weeks, the roles have been reversed: the dog has become the guardian angel of his “adoptive father”. When andrew learned that his treatment was no longer working and that he had reached the end of his life, his furry friend appeared as a source of joy and comfort. ” I just feel like he’s here for a reason: for us “, estimated pamela.

A fundraiser organized on Facebook

Despite his condition, andrew still has a job to do. Together with his wife, he would like to invest in a dog cart. Field is able to use his front elbows to move around, but such an accessory would greatly improve his comfort of life. This would save him from serious health problems later on. Indeed, her beloved owner explained that “ her back was starting to tilt which could lead to future injuries.

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© Champ The Chihuahua’s Page I am unstoppable / Facebook

To help their beloved companion, the couple organized a fundraiser on Facebook. One day, Field will be offered a superb trolley that will make his life better.


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