Manche: after the death of his grandson, a farmer attacks his ex-wife’s lawyer

The farmer went after a lawyer.
The farmer went after a lawyer. (©Pixabay Illustration)

Tuesday, April 5, 2022, a 51-year-old man went to Flers (Orne)without an appointment, in the office of the lawyer who defended his ex-wife in the proceedings of divorce. The lawyer refused to see him. The tone rose, he made threats. The lawyer said she was punched.

The farmer argues

The man was presented this Friday, April 8 at the court of Coutances (Manche) in immediate appearance. In the box, the farmer disputes having given a blow.

He recognizes threats. He talks about his discomfort. He makes the lawyer responsible for the fact that he can no longer see his two daughters. He claims she smeared him to get a decision from the family court judge. “He’s the person who hurt me the most,” he said. He harbors a grudge against her. He explains that he lost his footing after the accidental death of his grandson two weeks ago.


Me Le Mière, the victim’s lawyer, reminds us that we cannot receive the opposing party. He explains anguish of his colleague to see this man return.

For the deputy, attacking a lawyer is like attacking Justice. Pain, understandable, does not allow everything. It requires a penalty ofone year in prison including 6 months with a probationary reprieve.

Physical violence not proven

Me Beaufils defends the defendant. She explains that pain can commit irrational acts. His client started care. She pleads for a suspended sentence because the man has never been convicted.

The court considered that the physical violence are not proven, because the statements of the lawyer and that of her secretary are contradictory, but that the psychological violence and the threats are real. He sentenced this man to a two-month suspended prison sentence. He is forbidden to contact the victim. He will have to pay him 400 euros for his damage and 800 euros for his legal costs.

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