many young lawyers urge “Liberation” to continue its investigations – Liberation


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Our revelations on the practices within the profession have highlighted the passivity of the council of the order, even if tools of fight are little by little put in place. Dealing in the first instance with internal disputes, he is accused of inter-self and bias.

The feeling of an omerta that is cracking, but of a long way to go. In February, June and Tuesday, Release has published three lengthy investigations related to the phenomena of harassment that plague the legal profession. The first concerned the media adviser of Literary All-Paris, Emmanuel Pierrat, of which about twenty collaborators denounced the toxic management. The following were interested in the Racine firm, a giant in social and business law, as well as in Lexing, a cutting-edge structure in the field of digital technology and artificial intelligence, directed by the sulphurous Alain Bensoussan. After each publication, Release received dozens of emails from lawyers, most of them quite young, explaining that they were subjected to the same practices. The testimonials are sometimes very long, very personal and, for some, turn out to be…


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