Marine Le Pen wants to regulate ritual slaughter “in the name of animal dignity”, but not bullfighting or hunting

Marine Le Pen wants to regulate religious ritual slaughter “in the name of animal dignity”but she will not ban bullfighting or hunting if she is elected President of the Republic this Sunday, detailed Jordan Bardella on Tuesday April 19 on franceinfo.

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“The meat that will be slaughtered on French territory will be slaughtered with prior stunning in the name of animal dignity and animal suffering”, he explains. The president of the Rassemblement national nevertheless affirms that Muslims and Jews will be able to “import kosher or halal meat which will be slaughtered according to a perfectly religious rite” in other countries and he believes that “it’s not hypocritical” to authorize these imports while the practice will be prohibited in France.

On the other hand, questioned on the supervision or the possible prohibition of bullfighting and hunting in the name of this same animal dignity, the president of the RN assures that neither will be prohibited and that bullfighting will be simply prohibited for minors. “There are certain traditions which are cultural traditions, which have been French traditions, European traditions for several years”justifies Jordan Bardella, about bullfighting.

Regarding hunting, “Marine Le Pen said that the idea was not to ban everything that we did not like”he said, confident to be shocked, “personally”, by certain practices such as hunting with hounds. The president of the RN believes that there is still “very large regulatory efforts to be made, particularly in the distribution of domains [parce que] very often hunting areas are also leisure areas, especially for families who want to go for walks on weekends and I think there is a subject to open with the actors around the table”.

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