Marrakesh. Lawyers and football, halal or haram?

What is the name of this call for a boycott of a sporting event on the pretext that an Israeli flag would float near other banners in Marrakech?

If the Moroccan Bar Association has decided to boycott the Football World Cup for Lawyers, (called Mundiavocat), which will be held in Marrakech from May 7 to 15, 2022, due to the participation of Israeli teams, the one of the only bars which will not follow the call for a boycott and will be present at the demonstration is that of Casablanca.

What we can retain at first sight from this mobilization is that the only media to have really relayed and widely commented on the call for a boycott are the Algerian media on the one hand and those of the Jewish state. on the other, for the former, the opportunity was too good not to bring out this old antiphon of a kingdom, closely linked to the “Zionist” state and for the latter, the opportunity to pose as victims of a new cabal reminiscent of dark days.

i24news recalls the words of lawyer Tami Ullman, President of the Haifa District Bar: “I read the letter and I don’t believe it. We return to a dark period in history. I am shocked. It is a challenge for the bar and the players of the Bar Association. It is shameful ” !

Incidentally, Algerian lawyers have also positioned themselves for the boycott against “the invitation of Zionist teams to this tournament, which can be seen as a step in normalization with the Zionist entity. Only, this act would be contradictory to the principles of the Algerian government and people. (sic).

This storm in a glass of water would have gone unnoticed if the underside of this squabble did not hide other intentions than that displayed by the nobility to show solidarity with the sufferings of the Palestinian people.

For those who do not know it yet, certain bar associations are infiltrated or even completely infiltrated by the Al Adl Wal Ihsane movement, while the Islamists of the PJD are not to be outdone in the profession.

For the former, who have not yet given up hope of overthrowing the monarchy in order to enthrone their guru in a hypothetical “Khilafa”, anything that can serve to smear the image of power is worth taking; and for the Salafists of the Justice and Democracy Party, the pill of normalization with Israel immortalized by the famous handshake between Saad Eddine El Otmani and a senior Israeli official has not passed.

Indeed, in 2020, Saad Eddine El Otmani, head of government of Morocco at the time, had initialed the declaration which stipulates that the parties say they are aware that “the establishment of full, peaceful and friendly diplomatic relations between Morocco and Israel is in the common interest of both countries”.

Since then, the former head of government is no longer unanimous among party activists who accuse him of having “betrayed” the ideology of the party, one of the pillars of which is the systematic opposition “to the Jews”. , enemies of yesterday and tomorrow and the defense of Palestine against all odds.

With this story of boycott, we find the atavistic reflexes of the Islamist movement which likes nothing better than to stage its enemies, the Makhzen on one side and the Jews on the other. Maintaining his revolutionary objective (the caliphate), Al Adl Wal Ihsane is counting on the weather to see this Qawma, this “great evening” announced by Abdeslam Yassine before his death and which was to take place in 2006.

Despite the failure of this “forecast”, a change of strategy was necessary, but Abbadi and his lieutenants, as good heirs of the late guru, are not men to question themselves, especially when the revisions turn out to be rather heartbreaking. With the hope that the self-fulfilling prophecy of the ex-boss of the Justice and Spirituality movement will lead to an unprecedented confrontation of blocks between power and its relays in the camp of lay people and other modernists, and that of the majority of Moroccans attached to tradition and generally mobilized for the defense of the Palestinian cause.

This asserted posture owes nothing to chance: the adlists and their allies of the PJD have made an observation coupled with a bet: the observation of the structural weakness of their militancy, which would not have the means of its conquering desires; and the bet that the Makhzen will not use the weapon of repression so as not to appear to support a Zionist State in full resurgence of violence on the square of the Al Aqsa mosque.

However, the kingdom has everything to gain from the Football World Cup for Bars and Law Societies, an international tournament dedicated to lawyers from all over the world, an event to be taken for what it is: a simple sporting competition generating dopamine for those interested and money for the ocher city.

As a reminder, the first edition which took place in Marrakech brought together more than 14 teams whose economic benefits can be easily imagined. And for the brand image of the country, it is enough to take a look at the CVs of the tenors of the American, German or Swiss bar to understand that Moroccans have everything to gain from facilitating the holding of a competition which brings together lawyers from 37 countries around the world.

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