Married at first sight: this is where Alicia’s cat was, Internet users do not hide their disappointment

Last week, in the episode of Married at first sight, Olympe, Alicia’s cat was missing. A suspense that M6 lasted until Monday, May 16, when the outcome of the disappearance of the tomcat took place. Widely disappointing viewers.

All that for this. This is how we could summarize the reactions of Internet users after the long-awaited outcome of the mystery of the disappearance of Olympe, Alicia’s cat.

During the previous episode, Bruno opened all the windows of his apartment to ventilate the rooms. And there, the drama. Alicia could no longer find her cat Olympe. Inevitably, this disappearance generated stress and tension in the couple.

After looking in vain for Olympe throughout the apartment, they then leave it to find the cat. “I’m doing 1000 scenarios and they’re not good ones. I imagine Alicia telling me that it’s my fault…”, worries Bruno. On Twitter, netizens speculated about the couple. “And that’s where Alicia and Bruno are going to part for a chat!”, “We found the person who took Alicia’s cat (Bruno’s possessive sister)” or “How much perfect, M6 hid the cat”.

An excessive suspense

After a week-long suspense, Internet users finally had the answer to all these questions. And it turns out that the cat was actually hidden…under the bed.

If the fact of having found Olympe in good health is a relief, many Internet users have denounced or mocked the excessive suspense fueled by the M6 ​​broadcast, while the cat was still in the room.

The sequence of the cat under the bed.. I lost 10min of my life that I never recovered #MAPR

— Vinny Chase (@KevDreNY) May 16, 2022

All that for that.

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