Marseille: He kidnaps a parrot and demands a ransom

A bird thief was arrested in the parking lot of a Marseille shopping center, where he had made an appointment with the owner of the animal.

More fear than harm for Coco, rescued by two police officers.

More fear than harm for Coco, rescued by two police officers.


It was hot, Coco! A few days ago, this parrot enjoying happy days in Marseille was kidnapped from his home in the 12th arrondissement. In the process, the kidnapper called the owner of the animal to tell him that he would kill Coco if he did not pay him a ransom of 2800 euros (2900 francs). The individual promised his interlocutor that he would return his bird to him if he gave him the money.

The two men then agreed on a place and time to meet. In the meantime, the owner of Coco took care to notify the police, who organized themselves to intervene when the time was right. The kidnapper showed up in the parking lot of a supermarket in the 13th arrondissement, without Coco but with a knife. The police then entered the scene, proceeding to the arrest of the bird thief. Questioned by the officers, the individual ended up revealing the place where he was holding him.

The story, told by France Bleu, therefore ended well for the parrot and his companion.


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