Martinique lawyers and jurists celebrate Saint-Yves, their patron saint

For the first time, the Council of the Bar Association of Martinique celebrates Thursday, May 19, 2022, Saint-Yves, patron saint of jurists and lawyers. A procession is planned from the current court, to the Camille Darsières space (former court) in Fort-de-France.

If in several countries, lawyers meet to celebrate their patron saint, Saint Yves Hélory de Kermartin, it is the first time that the council of the order of Martinique highlights this defender of the widow and the orphan.

Several personalities, including former lawyers, are invited to this commemorative event on Thursday May 19, 2022, by President Georges Emmanuel Germany and his counsel. This celebration is placed under the honorary presidency of former Bâtonnier Charles-Henri Michaux.

The demonstration will begin with a gathering in dress at the Judicial Court (current courthouse) with a word from Madame le vice-batonnier Sandrine Saint Aimée. There will follow a procession bypassing the palace on the left, rue Victor Sévère, rue Schoelcher to the court of appeal in Fort-de-France.

President Georges Emmanuel Germany

©Daniel Betis

This is the first time that such an event has been organised. I hope it will last. This year we have chosen a procession from the new palace to the old one passing in front of the Court of Appeal as if to go back in time.

President Georges-Emmanuel Germany

At the Camille Darsières cultural center, the lawyers will be welcomed by the mayor of Fort-France.


From left to right: Thérèse Yoyo Likao, Marie Alice Jaccoulet, Andrée Pierre Rose Bocaly

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The idea is innovative and brings hope. 7 young lawyers with less than a year at the bar (Annabelle Valay, Clara Hunel, Sandra Sylvestre Jean Francois, Chloé Nazareth, Diana Rouen, Margot Reynal de Saint-Michel, Mathilde Chomel) will exhibit on 7 tenors who have marked history lawyers from Martinique.

Andrée Pierre-Rose Bocaly, first woman to practice at the bar of Fort-de-France. Thérèse Yoyo Likao, the first lawyer elected president in 1978, and the president Marie Alice Jaccoulet, an emblematic figure of justice who ensured the transition from the old palace to the new one.

Renowned Martinican lawyers

From left to right above Camille Darsières, Hervé Florent, below Marcel Manville, Joseph Lagrosillière.

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As far as men are concerned, 4 are in the spotlight:

Joseph Lagrosillière, concurrently registered at the bars of Paris and Tunis. He will become a lawyer and president of the Bar in Fort-de-France.

Camille Apolline Darsières returned to her native country after obtaining a doctorate in law in Toulouse, former president of the bar, great lawyer for political trials. He marked the spirits.

Marcel Manville, a native of Trinidad, doctor of law, took the oath in 1947. A defender of political causes, he always fought for the recognition of the criminal nature of slavery.

Hervé Florent methodical and discreet lawyer, another figure in the judicial landscape, at the origin of many acquittals at the assizes.

We decided to highlight big stories. Men or women are known as lawyers or for their involvement in the city. These focuses allow us to discuss the place of the lawyer and the law in the city and the importance of justice for men and women of oath.

President Georges Emmanuel Germany

Magistrates Olivier Tell, first president and Karinne Gonnet of the Judicial Court, will honor two missing colleagues, Laurent Léon Valère and Étienne Zidée.

Son of a poor Breton knight, Yves Hélory de Kermatin was born in 1253 in the Côtes d’Armor. Orphaned at a very young age, he was raised by his mother. After brilliant studies of letters, theology and law at the University of Paris, he joined the prestigious law faculty of Orléans.

Magistrate, ecclesiastic and lawyer, licensed in Canon Law and Civil Law, he practiced brilliantly in seigniorial courts.

As a Judge, he performs his duties in a spirit of conciliation and justice.

A lawyer, he became the defender of poor litigants despite the harsh attacks of his colleagues.

Died in 1303, he was canonized on May 19, 1347 by Pope Clement VI. He is the patron saint of all professions of justice and law.

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