Mathieu Valbuena attacks Marco Verratti and Leonardo

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We have not finished hearing about this FC Nantes-PSG (3-1 victory for the Canaries on Saturday). After the very noticeable media outings of Marco Verratti and Leonardo, clearly pointing the finger at the refereeing of Mr. Lesage during this meeting of the 25th day of Ligue 1, reactions are multiplying on the football planet. The Italian midfielder will also have to answer for his actions before the LFP Disciplinary Committee soon. Present in Rothen ignites this Monday on the airwaves of RMCMathieu Valbuena, the Olympiakos player who worked for OM, criticized the behavior of the two Parisians after the match.

“PSG came across a big Nantes team who deserved their victory, and I would have liked that at the end of the match, Leonardo like Verratti said it – even if they said it a little. Mistakes, Mr. Lesage made some, there is no problem. On Mbappé’s penalty, there must be a second yellow and therefore red. There is also the story of added time… But Verratti has to stop talking like that at some point. He’s just talking on the pitch. I have nothing against him, he is a great player, but when PSG had advantages, by obtaining a penalty against Lyon for example, there is ultimately a balance. You lose, you shut up, and you question yourself. I find it small. […] I would have liked the players and Leonardo to be small. That’s what I blame for this kind of outings. Yes the referee made mistakes, but PSG also had an advantage in previous matches. And we did not hear the Parisians. » The message is clear.

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