Mazamet: Sonia recovers her dog Maya six years after her theft

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Sonia found Maya six years after she was robbed. The story ends well but it reminds us that it is essential to identify your animal and above all to take responsibility for it until the end.

“Maya remained locked up in an apartment on the top floor of a building in Mazamet for six years. Now she is free. Sonia tells the incredible story of Maya, her mother’s dog, a resident of Aussillon.
“It all started in 2016 around May. Maya was a runaway dog ​​at the time. She often ran away and we were always looking for her. Suddenly, the chip and sterilization were more than recommended. After her sterilization, Maya disappears. Impossible to find her. Only hope, she is chipped, a key element for the rest of the story.
“A neighbor of my mother tells us that a lady took Maya. We found this lady who lives in Mazamet. We went to see her but couldn’t get in touch with her. She lives in a building on the top floor. »
Sonia leaves a handrail at the Mazamet police station.
“In the meantime, my mother intercepted the lady at the market and made a scandal for her to return Maya to us. Unfortunately, she was careful to hide or entrust Maya to someone since the police visited her home twice without finding a dog. Sonia then decides to watch the lady and pick up Maya at the exit of her building.
“We watched her for weeks and even a few nights while she took her out at night and nothing…the lady was always alone. »
Sonia resigned herself, hoping that Maya was alive and that she would save herself one day.
“I reported Maya to all the vets and declared her stolen. »
In life, you should never lose hope. The adage has been verified. “Recently, I was on vacation in New York and I received a call from my veterinarian. She informs me that Maya is there! A lady called and insisted that she come to her home to euthanize Maya on the pretext that she was limping, that she had an earache and that she was pooping everywhere. »
The vet didn’t want to come. It was a neighbor of the lady who brought Maya to the veterinary office with the rules for euthanasia. “The vet’s assistant had a doubt, given the insistence of the lady who kept calling to find out if it had been done. So she checked the chip and it was my stolen Maya six years ago. »
Sonia has boarded Maya at the Aussillon refuge until she returns from her trip.
“There were four people in the office and Maya came straight up to me and made me happy. I donated €100 to the shelter to thank them. The lady’s money was used to pay for the veterinary care and the pension. »
Maya was treated, she suffered from an ear infection and her fingernails were too long, no reason to euthanize her. “Maya will be 10 years old in May and she is super dynamic and has no health concerns. She is perfectly clean. I think the lady took care of it for those years but I still don’t understand her desire to make it go away. »

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