Mbappé embarked on a standoff with the FFF, a sanction to come?

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One could have imagined that if there were to be tensions between Kylian Mbappé and an institution, it would be PSG. At the end of the contract in June, the native of Bondy still refuses to extend with the club of the capital, despite the efforts of its leaders. But no, everything is fine, a priori, with the leaders of Ligue 1. With the French Federation, on the other hand, it is much more complicated, as L’Equipe explains in its edition of the day.

In question, Mbappé’s refusal to participate in promotional operations with sponsors of the France team yesterday Tuesday. The player refused to show up for the meeting, preferring to stay in his room. Even a phone call from Noël Le Graët did not change his mind. Why did Mbappé act like this? Because he refuses to associate his image with certain sponsors. His lawyer began to raise this subject as early as last fall, but she did not get answers to her questions. Hence, perhaps, this “punch operation” has a relatively calm period for the Blues, who are preparing to play two friendly matches. But there are other reasons…

According to L’Equipe, Mbappé’s grievances against the FFF have been numerous since his missed penalty against Switzerland at the Euro and the lack of support received in the process. There would be in particular the fact that the income generated by the Blues does not return enough to amateur football. Anyway, the FFF is considering the follow-up to be given to this case. Because if it does not mark the blow, other internationals could rush into the breach…

Mbappé refused to participate in a promotional operation for the Blues

PSG striker Kylian Mbappé refused to leave his room on Tuesday when the internationals were to participate in promotional operations with sponsors of the France team. An attitude badly experienced at the FFF.

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