Me Allary, lawyer for the family of Aurélie Vaquier found under a concrete slab: “Why this atrocious assassination?”

Me Félix Allary and Me Jean-Charles Teissedre request the dismissal of Samire Lymani before the assizes of the Hérault.

You represent with Me Teissedre the family of Aurélie Vaquier, what do you expect today from the investigation?

Above all, the family wants the Assize Court to be held in order to have answers to the questions that arise. Why would the defendant do that? And why did he come to settle in this region in 2020 in full confinement when people avoid moving? Why this cold blood he has shown since the disappearance of Aurélie and until he was arrested in April 2021? And why a crime, such an atrocious assassination?

Do you consider that there is assassination and therefore premeditation knowing that Samire Lymani is indicted for murder?

I think the investigating judge will raise the assassination. In any case, we hope for a requalification for murder, we will realize that there is premeditation. The investigation was tremendously carried out, the gendarmes worked really well. he attitude of Lymani, who denies the facts, who disputes this crime, the circumstances of which are atrocious, they long to have her explanations from the one against whom, it must be remembered, she really had no grievance.

At the end of the year, you regretted that the civil parties had not yet been heard by the judge. What about?

We have still not been received by the examining magistrate, which the family does not understand, we hope to be able to be soon, it is important.

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