Me Bernard Fau, the sworn beekeeper lawyer at the SIA General Agricultural Competition

Posters Parisiennes: Why are you present at the Salon de l’agriculture?

Bernard Fau: It’s very simple, I chair one of the juries of the general agricultural competition, the honey competition. We have awarded a gold medal and two silver medals to absolutely wonderful honeys that will reward great French beekeepers. Maybe small in size, but big in skill. It’s like with lawyers. One can be small in size and large in skill. Beekeepers and lawyers are somewhat the same thing.

A.-P. : Are you now a member of the CNB?

BF: I chair the Texts Commission at the National Bar Council and that gives me the opportunity to be in constant contact with Parliament, with the Government, since the texts rain down on us like hail. So there is a lot of work to be done at the Conseil national des barreaux, which is really the bridgehead for the lawyers at the moment.

A. – P.: Do you also need to specify that you are the “beekeeper lawyer”?

BF: Absoutely. I am a beekeeper myself. This is why I make this link between the profession of beekeeper and the profession of lawyer. That’s why both like me, the legal profession because I’m a beekeeper, the beekeeper’s profession because I’m a lawyer.

A. – P.: Are pesticides still a problem for bees?

BF: Pesticides have been pushed back a lot on French territory, as well as on European territory. Several actions have been successfully brought before the General Court of the European Union and the Court of Justice of the EU. And we now have we are walking hand in hand with the European Commission to lead a reasoned reduction of all pesticides on the territory of the Union. Things are going a little better, but there is such inventiveness on the part of agrochemical companies that we still feel like we are running behind them.

A. – P.: Do you have a message for the Keeper of the Seals?

BF: We would like political speech to be more present than it is today, that technology cease to take precedence over political will and that we listen to what our fellow citizens expect, which is an expectation reduction of injustices, an expectation of an increase in justice and an expectation of proximity to access to the law. These are the elements that found a great democracy like ours. It takes proximity to access to the law, citizens’ understanding of how the justice system works, and doing everything to ensure that citizens have quick and easy access to their judges.

A. – P.: How do you find the Agricultural Show this year? I imagine you have already been there several times?

BF: So I’ve been a sworn in the Concours Général Agricole for 22 years, so I’ve been going to the Salon de l’Agriculture for 22 years and the Concours Général since the same time. I find that this year, it is particularly festive, particularly busy. I went to the stand in the village of Reunion, a territory that is dear to me, and I saw that there was a very great development of the presence of Overseas, which rejoiced. The French provinces are also present, but it’s more classic. The very great development of the presence of the Overseas Territories at the Agricultural Show is a very good sign of the cohesion of our departments and our Overseas Territories with the metropolis.

A. – P.: This is a special edition, since the last one had been canceled due to the health crisis…

BF: This is why the emblematic bag of the Salon de l’agriculture this year has a formula that shows that it is the reunion for 2022, after a year of absence from the salon which has been sorely felt, not only by the entire agricultural profession, but also by all the people who live in our territories and who consider the Salon de l’agriculture as the major annual meeting of the territories in the capital.

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