Me Sylvain Cormier, lawyer for Karim Benzema, says he is “stunned” by the judgment

A few minutes after the announcement of Karim Benzema’s one-year suspended prison sentence and a fine of €75,000, his lawyers Mes Cormier and Vey reacted. Stunned, they did not mince their words with regard to the court. It was Me Sylvain Cormier, the historical lawyer of the Madrid star, who spoke first: “The reaction is an angry reaction to a decision which is completely contradictory, it was clearly stated by the court that Benzema was not aware of the prior maneuvers, and in the end we are told that he could not not knowing, without proof. He is sentenced to a severe, unjust sentence. We are flabbergasted by this judgment. The appeal is necessary, Karim Benzema will be cleared because he has nothing to reproach himself for. »

“Obviously, his absence counted in the decision”

Me Antoine Vey, lawyer for Karim Benzema

It was Me Vey who continued: “It’s a bad result because it does not correspond to the reality of the facts. How, by not being informed of the underlying facts of the case, Karim Benzema could have been the accomplice of this project? I think that there is a distortion of certain wiretaps, of which only the negative elements were retained, while I remind you that there are also positive elements which should have instilled doubt. The call is indisputable. Mr. Benzema will come to explain it and in my opinion, the light will be shed. He still has a systematic position on the facts and he will continue to do so. He will come if he is not held back for a professional reason. Obviously, his absence counted in the decision, we can regret it since it is a step of which we had informed the court. »

Asked about repeatedly using the word ” lying “ by the presiding judge, Me Cormier felt that the presentation of the facts was “a truncated presentation, almost faked. Karim Benzema was content to offer the help of his friend, there is no lie, there is no subterfuge, he is not aware of anything. »


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