Meet Charlie, the little poodle who follows Jocelyne Cazin everywhere

Charlie is a teacup poodle who weighs only four pounds, but full of character and lucky enough to follow Jocelyne Cazin wherever she goes. Small but alive!

1. What is the reason you got this dog?

I was looking for a “two-legged” companion, but when I couldn’t find one, I took a “four-legged” one! (Laughs) I adopted him over the internet while I was in Florida. I fell in love with Charlie as soon as I saw the first picture of him. I had been recommended this breeder, Paradise Ti-Pitou. So I picked it up on April 9, 2019 in the middle of a storm. He turns four on November 24.

2. Why did you choose this name?

It is a tribute to Charlie Hebdoas I am a journalist myself.

3. Are you more “cat” or “dog” and why?

More dog. I got my first dog in 1970. A mix of Saint Bernard and Great Dane. We were quite far from Charlie! (laughs) Then I had two huskies, Amour and Neige. I also had cats for years. I eventually became allergic to animals. But a few years ago, when I visited a friend who had a miniature poodle, I realized I was okay again.

4. How would you describe Charlie’s personality?

He has a lovely personality. He is not innocent, rather brilliant. He is not a jewelry dog. He has character and does not allow himself to be imposed upon. He is not afraid of big dogs. In fact, he fears no one! He is extremely social. Every time he sees a child, he gets so happy. It’s like he saw Santa Claus!

5. Tell us an unusual fact about him.

I went to the Naples Zoo in Florida with Charlie and the lions took an interest in him behind the window. It looked like they were going to jump on him and take a bite out of him, but so did Charlie! It was quite unusual to see a small four-pound dog standing in front of these giants.

6. What is his favorite activity?

Game to throw the ball. He is tireless and can play for an hour. He is not relaxed. It blows me away!

7. What do you wish you had known before you got it?

He had several baby teeth that did not fall out despite growing adult teeth. It had to be mined. Since then he seems to have a crooked mouth, a bit like Jean Chr├ętien when he opens it. It gives him a slightly imperfect gender, just like me! (laughs)

8. Like master, like animal

People say Charlie and I look alike because we’re both blonde and curly. He is also very social and curious, just like me. He would have been a good journalist!

9. Who takes care of your pet when you go?

In fact, he comes everywhere with me. He often comes to golf with me and stays quiet in his bag placed in the cart. He travels with me by plane and I must say he is exceptional. I put it in my travel bag and place it under the seat and it doesn’t budge. I recently held a conference in Gasp├ęsie and I brought it with me. He was in his bag and was quiet the whole time. Honestly and honestly, if it weren’t for the fact that bigger dogs have to travel in the trunk, I would have gotten a bigger dog, golden-doodle type or a poodle. Also, Charlie howls at the moon when he’s alone, so if I’m leaving without him, my best friend will look after him. It is a privilege to have it!

10. Tell us a fun fact about him.

He watches me when I do my laps in the pool. His head goes from right to left and he follows me with his gaze.

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