Meurthe-et-Moselle. A barn owl stuck in the steeple of the church of Bouxières-aux-Chênes saved by firefighters

The barn owl is a bird commonly referred to as a barn owl. As its name suggests, it nests in the steeples of churches but also the attics of large buildings, the attics of farms, barns and dovecotes.

This owl had she taken up residence in the bell tower of the Sainte-Marie-Madeleine church in the center of the village of Bouxières-aux-Chênes, or was she simply on the goguette? Still, she found herself trapped in the bell tower, wedged between the fence and the stone.

Residents called the firefighters, which helped to deliver the frightened animal. Under the orders of Chief Sergeant Mangin, from the barracks of Tomblaine, who came with the large ladder, the rescuers lowered the little bird of prey and set him free to loud applause.

In France, the barn owl is protected as a useful bird for agriculture because it destroys many rodents.

The barn owl benefits from total protection on French soil since the ministerial decree of April 17, 1981. It is therefore forbidden to hunt it, destroy it, mutilate it, capture it or remove it, disturb it intentionally or to naturalize it.

Whether it is alive or dead, it is also forbidden to transport it, peddle it, use it, possess it, sell it or buy it.

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