Microsoft’s cloud cybersecurity offering supports rivals AWS and Google


After Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft is expanding its cybersecurity offer to Google Cloud. The company announced on February 23, 2022 that the Microsoft Defender for Cloud service is now compatible with Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Something to appeal to the many companies with a multicloud environment to help them find and track possible flaws.

A single interface
It must be said that multicloud environments are commonplace. 92% of companies are in this situation, according to a Flexera report cited by Microsoft. Cost optimization and flexibility in the choice of applications are the main reasons cited by companies. But it is more complex to protect these hybrid infrastructures which include the use of applications and infrastructures from different suppliers.

With the constant increase in the number and sophistication of cyberattacks, the stakes are therefore high. Having a single cybersecurity solution for all its applications and platforms reduces the risk of attack at the junction between them.

Microsoft used open APIs to connect its Defender service to GCP and AWS. Its interface allows the client to monitor all the clouds and the tasks performed on each platform. A security score for all clouds combined is also established and more than 80 out-of-the-box recommendations will be offered. Beyond risk management, Microsoft also offers tools to prevent and respond to threats.

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