Miscellaneous – Justice | Brittany: a septuagenarian tried for having killed a cat with a rifle, trapped in a cage

In Saint-Brieuc (Brittany), it was a case of an act of animal abuse that was presented before the criminal court. A septuagenarian, hunter and secretary of the Bréhat hunting society in Côtes-d’Armor, is accused of “mistreatment of an animal” and “leaving a corpse in the wild”. On April 10, this man allegedly trapped a cat in a cage and then shot him with a rifle, reports the 20 Minutes site.

He would then have decided to get rid of the body by throwing it into the sea. Seen by a witness, the gendarmes had quickly gone to the spot.

Two associations, Stéphane Lamart and the National Society for the Defense of Animals, have instituted civil proceedings. Today’s requisitions are a three-month suspended prison sentence against the septuagenarian, a ban on keeping an animal for five years and a withdrawal of a hunting license for a period of three years.

The court will render its decision on June 15.

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