mobilization for the Franco-Palestinian lawyer Salah Hamouri, detained in Israel

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In France, we are mobilizing on the case of Salah Hamouri. This Franco-Palestinian lawyer is currently being held in an Israeli prison, without trial or charge. His wife, supported by human rights organizations and several trade unions, asks France to act to obtain the release of Salah Hamouri, who also risks expulsion.

Salah Hamouri is 37 years old, nine of whom have spent in Israeli prisons. The Franco-Palestinian lawyer was again arrested last March, imprisoned in Israel under the administrative detention regime.

He is being held without charge, there has been no trial. It was a military order that was issued. There was no trial. Everything is based on a secret file. Neither he nor his lawyers have the right to consult this secret file. So we don’t officially blame him for anything “, explains Elsa Lefort, the wife of Salah Hamouri.

Target of the Israeli authorities »

Elsa Lefort was herself expelled by Israel where she is now banned from staying. On June 6, Salah Hamouri and his relatives will find out if his administrative detention is extended or if he is deported to France. ” He is clearly the target of the Israeli authorities because he is a lawyer, pursues his wife. He works in an NGO, Addameer, which defends Palestinian political prisoners. An NGO which, moreover, has been put on the list of terrorist organizations by Israel. So everything is done to criminalize Palestinian civil society, which documents the harassment, the occupation’s crimes against Palestinians. »

Salah Hamouri’s wife, supported by a dozen NGOs, hopes that the French authorities will intensify their representations to Israel. A complaint has also been filed in France because, like other Palestinian activists, Salah Hamouri, discovered several months ago that his phone was infected with spyware Pegasusmanufactured by the Israeli company NSO.

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