Mobilization to save a deer that ventures into the gardens of a village

He has become a kind of mascot and divides the village of Eyne, a resort in the Pyrénées-Orientales. For several months, a deer has got into the habit of coming to graze in the gardens of this village. While many residents are delighted to be able to admire the wild animal, others have seen damage to their flower beds. This Saturday, the Pil Poils 66 association organized a rally in front of the town hall to oppose a possible slaughter.

A petition was also launched by the defenders of the large deer and collected nearly 4,800 signatures. “Eyne is a mountain village surrounded by forests and a protected valley. This wild animal is at home, ”write the authors of the petition, closed for a few days.

Questioned on the subject, the town hall replied that the management of wildlife was not its responsibility but that of the French office for biodiversity. It denies having in any way made a decision regarding the fate of this deer.

She nevertheless reminds that in the interest of this wild animal, it is not recommended to feed it. “Taming the animal amounts to reducing or even eliminating its natural protective reflexes, thus making it vulnerable,” she writes in an awareness-raising text intended for its constituents.

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