Moderna recalls 800,000 doses of vaccine after mosquito found in vial


Hundreds of thousands of doses of vaccine against Covid-19, produced by the American laboratory Moderna, had to be recalled urgently. A mysteriously under-the-radar mosquito was found in a vial

Due to a mosquito, nearly 765,000 doses of the Covid Moderna vaccine had to be recalled. They were shipped in January to Norway, Sweden, Poland, Portugal and Spain. The reason ? The discovery of a “foreign body” inside a vial at a vaccination center in Malaga, Andalusia.

Several sources have since confirmed that a mosquito had been discovered in one of the vials of vaccine, as reported by our colleagues from TF1 on Tuesday April 12.

The undetectable insect

According to the internal investigation carried out since by Moderna, the flying insect “entered the vial during production, and was not detected by routine checks. The batch concerned was produced in the laboratories of the Rovi group, partner of the American laboratory in Madrid, responsible for filling and packaging the vaccine. The health authorities of all the countries concerned have been alerted.

Moderna further clarified that it found “no safety concerns regarding people who received the vaccine.” Although the vial concerned had already been punctured, its contents had not been administered to any patient.

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