Monkey pox cases detected in ultra-vaccinated, monkey-free Western countries

this is part of the carefully prepared plan whose implementation began in December 2019 with the Covid 19.”

I would say it started long before.

At least 70 coronavirus patents had been filed before 911.

SARS-CoV of 2002-2004 = Sars-CoV1 (the more lethal cousin of 2) = first visible attack post 911
The 2012 Mers-CoV will be a variant specific to the Middle East.

H1N1 2009-2010: attempt to impose vaccines, masks, and if the sauce had taken, perhaps we would have been entitled to confinements (the doctrine of confinement was developed with the participation of Donald Rumsfeld, whose name cannot be dissociated from 911. Rumsfeld who managed both Gilead and Searle (formerly Pfizer).

Can we affirm that the annual “flus” (which are not all) are indeed of natural origin? Including Hong Kong flu (1968-69), Asian flu (1957-58).
In the light of what we know and discover every day about the actions of the American army and the CIA (as well as MI6 and other questionable agencies), I ask myself more and more questions saw phenomena that seemed self-evident to us. But not so much, on reflection.

And even further, we cannot rule out the case of the “Spanish flu”.
And so on…

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