Monkey pox: Spain, the most affected country in the world, orders vaccines and drugs against Monkeypox

After Germany and Belgium, Spain, the country most affected in the world by the virus, is taking its precautions.

the Monkeypox gradually settles. As of Wednesday, 19 countries have declared at least one case. And theSpain seems to be the most affected country in the world by the monkeypox (61 confirmed cases). The fault lies with two households which declared themselves on the territory: the first to Madridin a sauna. The second in the Canary Islands, during a gay festival which brought together more than 80,000 people between May 5 and 15.

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Delivery in a few weeks

Building on the Covid experience, the health authorities recommend theisolation for the sick (21 days). But also the vaccination for the case contacts.

So some countries are rushing to vaccine doses : Germany opened fire with 40,000 doses ordered, Belgium also (1,500 doses). Latest, theSpain. The Spanish State has ordered doses and antivirals to combat the epidemic. The European Medicines Agency should deliver them to him within a few weeks.

Bavarian Nordic, the only company in the world with a monkeypox vaccine, said it has enough doses to deal with the global outbreak.

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