Monkey pox: the situation worsens after the discovery of cases in Spain and Portugal

The monkeypox epidemic, initially affecting the United Kingdom, is now spreading to the rest of Europe, particularly affecting men.

Since the beginning of May, 7 case of monkey pox were identified at UK. This viral disease now seems to be spreading in the rest of Europe, since 3 proven cases were detected in Portugaland 8 are studied in Spain.

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Cases are on the rise and concern is growing

In Portugal, in addition to 3 case of monkeypox proven, 2 sick are in waiting confirmation and 15 other persons are subject to investigation.

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— EL PAÍS (@el_pais) May 18, 2022

In Spain, it is Madrid that 8 potential cases have been identified. The Spanish Ministry of Health has already launched a health alert so that the population and hospitals remain vigilant.

relative gravity

Health authorities explain that it is importance and speed of the spread of the virus that worries the most.

The links between the different patients are for the most part not established, and the modes of transmission are not well identified, which does not help in the control of this disease.

However, theWHO recalls that the lethality rate of monkeypox remains minimalespecially in countries with a developed health system.

In general, the symptoms disappear 2 or 3 weeks after their appearance. Usually, monkeypox causes a generalized flu-like state as well as skin rashes.

Bisexual and homosexual men more affected

Confirmed cases of monkeypox are overwhelmingly from “transmission between men who have sex with men explains Ibrahima Socé Fall, Deputy Director General ofWHO.

The health authorities therefore call on men who have sex with other men in particular to remain vigilant to possible Rashes or to unusual lesions.

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