Monkeypox virus: the number of cases of monkeypox multiplied by 4 in Spain, “all have had sex with men in recent weeks”

This Wednesday, they were 8. Last night, the number of cases rose to 30. In reality, they could be much more.

UK, Canada, UNITED STATES, Portugal and Spain : I’epidemic of Monkeypox also called monkey pox seems to be gaining ground.

A first case has indeed been identified in UNITED STATES tonight in the state of Massachusetts.

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And theSpain reviewed its numbers. Indeed, this Wednesday 8 cases were suspected by the Spanish health authorities. Seven of them were confirmed overnight by analysis of samples taken at the National Center for Microbiology (CNM). The Community of Madrid thus estimated that 22 additional patients presented symptoms who suggest that they may or may have been infected, in addition to the cases confirmed by the CNM, inform our colleagues from El País.

Figures far from reality?

Experts believe that new cases should appear in the coming days in other regions such as Catalonia.

Director General of Public Health MadridElena Andradas, explains in particular that “22 of the 23 suspected cases have had sex with other men in recent weeks”. According to hospital sources consulted by El País, around fifty cases have been detected in the capital. Suspected cases should self-isolate, limit social interactions and monitor their symptoms.

The monkey pox causes a fever above 38.5 degrees, intense pain in the head, joints, muscles and back, swelling of the lymph nodes but also and above all a characteristic rash with some blisters which evolve into pustules.

Madrid raised to 23 the number of casos sospechosos de sufrir viruela del mono atendidos in the region. Cuatro fuentes hospitalarias consulted por EL PAÍS elevan a “entre 40 y 50″ los enfermos atendidos

— EL PAÍS (@el_pais) May 18, 2022

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