Montpellier / Lattes: a cyclist and a pedestrian bitten by dogs

The victim on a bicycle attacked by two Pitbulls (©Pixabay)

The facts, revealed on social networks, date back to Friday evening, in a street in Mas Saint-Pierre, Toury district, in Montpelier: a 54-year-old woman living in Saint-Jean-de-Védas was pursued, then attacked by two wandering dogs : the two Pibulls had neither leash nor muzzle and no master supervised them.

One of the stray dogs cruelly bit the 50-year-old on one leg, around 7 p.m. She was rescued in a fairly serious condition and transported to Montpellier University Hospital. She is likely to have sequelae. The police intervened. A dog was captured the same evening, but the second disappeared. He was finally located and neutralized in turn on Saturday, in the same area of ​​Tourny, on the edge of the municipalities of Montpellier and Lattes. The owner of the animals, however, has not been identified.

With slats

In addition, on social networks this weekend, the daughter of a 68-year-old lady evokes another attack in a street in Lattes, but this time by a dog whose the owner has been identified and for good reason: present and having attended, helpless to the attack, he reacted promptly by recovering his dog: “My 68-year-old mother who was walking her dog on a leash in Lattes was bitten by a dog on the loose. I thank the owner for having helped my mother, who was very shocked, ”writes the daughter of the victim, who sends this message: “Hold your dogs leash”. Remember that the law obliges the owners of pets to keep dogs on public roads on a leash, the muzzle being compulsory only for certain categories.

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