Montpellier / Palavas. Videos: snake, turtle, peacock, unexpected encounters

The magnificent peacock crossed by a jogger in the Bois de Montmaur (© Metropolitan)

In these hot weather, it’s not just the people of Hérault who walk around, the animals are also out : subscribers of Metropolitan filmed a snake, a turtle and a peacock. Three unexpected encounters for these lovers of nature and animal species, with this bonus: three critters which were harmless.

HAS Montpelliera young person on a walk saw an imposing tortoise lonely woman who moved in the sun, in the tall grass on the banks of the Lez, on the side of the rue de la Courbe, not far from the Lez market, on the road to the sea, near the Oliviers Lattois. Long road madam tortoise!

Montmaur wood

In Montpellier again, a jogger found himself face to face with a magnificent peacock, who strolled quietly in the Bois de Montmaur, this green lung of the Agropolis site, on the northern outskirts. Far from being frightened by a human presence, this bird with motley feathers, close to pheasants and guinea fowls, continued its walk, crossed the street to reach…the Lunaret Park close. Obviously, this resident of the zoo in freedom who is admired by children (and families) has his little habits by frequenting the adjoining wood. A regret for the jogger: the peacock refused to do the cartwheel…

under a car

Finally, to Palavas-les-Flots, a resident of Montpellier who was about to get into his parked car, had a big fright on the spot, when he saw a snake suddenly come out from under the door, before breathing: it was not a viper, but a beautiful snake. “We’re not used to seeing a snake so close, in an unexpected place, it’s a bit scary all the same. Besides, it was the first time,” says the young man from Montpellier. Had this rung snake taken up residence under the vehicle? Or in the engine, warm? The slogan “Put a tiger in your engine” is over!

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