Montpellier towards a precious success, Rennes takes shelter

Six more minutes at Geoffroy-Guichard

The Stéphanois and the Strasbourgeois went blow for blow in this second period, without managing to move the scoreboard. But there will be six more minutes to play…

Rennes-Troyes (4-1): Laborde’s panenka!

The gesture perfectly successful by Laborde! It’s terrible for Gallon and his team, who are heading for another defeat and find themselves more than ever concerned by the red zone.

Rennes-Troyes (3-1): penalty for the Bretons!

On a corner, Salmier stupidly holds Aguerd back in the penalty area to prevent him from taking a header. It will be a penalty for Rennes…

Lorient-Montpellier (0-1): Hakes without a solution

Christophe Pélissier’s players rely on the magic free-kicks of Armand Laurienté. But the Lorientais is countered by Ferri, in the wall, while his floating shot seemed to go well.

Sainté-Strasbourg (2-2): penalty for Strasbourg?

While Gameiro, fighting for the ball on a cross, fell in the penalty area on a joint intervention by Bernardoni and Nadé. The referee hesitates and waits for the decision of the video referees… to finally not whistle. We leave it there in the Cauldron.

Goal disallowed in Reims

After a very, very long hesitation, the goal of the Rémois is finally canceled … for a very small offside by Hornby at the start of the action. It’s hard. We remain at 1-1.

Rennes-Troyes (3-1): TERRIER GOOOOO!


On a wonderful collective action, once again with Meling in charge, Terrier is found within six meters and only has to conclude. The Rennais offer themselves a precious goal before the last quarter of an hour.

Reims-Brest (2-1): GOOO! The Rémois strike again!

THE REIMS BUUUT! Despite the many absentees, the Rémois manage to regain the advantage thanks to Van Bergen, more lively in the six meters to beat Bizot at close range. 2-1!

Reims-Brest (1-1): big outing from Rajkovic

Assisted by his post a few minutes ago on a strike from Magnetti, the Reims goalkeeper stands out with a good outing to get ahead of Duverne. Reims suffers but still retains the draw.

Sainté-Strasbourg (2-2): eccentric free kick for the Greens

Khazri attempts a strong direct strike… which does not go past Thomasson, in the miniwall. The Racing midfielder remains on the ground, knocked out instantly.

Lorient-Montpellier (0-1): Sambia seeks Wahi

The Montpellier striker is a little too short to be able to successfully take over Sambia’s through pass. Dreyer grabs the ball.

Only one goal in the second half

After just over 15 minutes of play in the second half, the only goalless game in the first 45 minutes is the only one to have offered a new one. Sainté and Strasbourg neutralize each other, while Troyes tries to come back to the score at Roazhon Park without succeeding.

Reims-Brest (1-1): the bar for Satriano!

The Uruguayan striker, on loan at Brest, sneaks behind Munetsi’s back and manages to place a point-blank header… which crashes into Rajkovic’s crossbar. Brest lacks a bit of success this afternoon to take the lead.

Lorient-Montpellier (0-1): SOOOOO SAVANIER!

MONTPELLIERAIN HAS STRIKED! Obviously, the only one who could wake up this match, Téji Savanier, finds a small space to put in a light strike that deceives Dreyer. Lorient cracked and conceded a goal, Montpellier took the lead at Moustoir!

Reims-Brest (1-1): REIMS RESISTS!


Rajkovic chooses the right side and releases Belaïli’s shot. Then Del Castillo is first on the ball…and hits Rajkovic again. Belaïli tries again, he is countered again. Then Reims always pushes back.

Reims-Brest (1-1): penalty for the Brestois!

Mr. Ben El Hadj seems to hesitate for a long time while looking at the images, but he finally points to the penalty spot. Belaïli will have the possibility of giving the advantage to Brestois!

Reims-Brest (1-1): Honorat hanging in the box?

Franck Honorat seems to have made the difference in the penalty area, in front of Faes, who blocks the attacker. The referee will go and see the images.

Lorient-Montpellier (0-0): Sakho decisive on his line!

What an intervention from the central defender, on a header from Monconduit who had beaten Omlin. Sakho manages to get the ball out at the last moment with a nice acrobatic gesture.

Play resumes in Lorient

No change between Lorient and Montpellier, who will however have to show a lot more to score goals. Only 7 shots (5-2) in the first period.

The break on all terrains

In rather lively matches (except one), only Rennes won for the moment thanks to Guirassy’s double in a few minutes against Troyes. In a crazy match at the Cauldron, Strasbourg had overthrown the Greens before conceding the equalizer by Khazri. Everything remains open at the 4 Ligue 1 stadiums.

Reims 1-1 Brest (Faes / Satriano)
Lorient 0-0 Montpellier
Sainté 2-2 Strasbourg (Boudebouz, Khazri / Diallo, Perrin)
reindeer 2-1 Troyes (Guirassy x2 / Ugbo)

Reims-Brest (1-1): Corner for the Brestois

Duverne receives the ball in the penalty area and attempts a volley shot… It is countered. Reims resists until the break.

Lorient-Montpellier (0-0)

We are still waiting for concrete actions to talk about it. We will say that the wind is blowing in Lorient this afternoon.

Rennes-Troyes (2-1): TROYES GOOOOO!


On the corner, the Rennes defense failed to intervene… and this benefited Ugbo at the far post. Gomis is too short, the ball is at the bottom. 2-1.

Rennes-Troyes (2-0): reaction from Estac

Kaboré makes the difference in individual and gets a good eccentric free kick. Chavalerin tries a direct strike to surprise Gomis… who just slams the ball for a corner.



In Reims, Satriano is served in the area and has no trouble beating Rajkovic with a magnificent cross shot. The striker’s instinct hit the mark to revive the Bretons. Reims 1-1 Brest.

In Saint-Etienne, Khazri is found by a perfect pass from Bouanga and only has to conclude. Sainté 2-2 Strasbourg !

Lorient-Montpellier (0-0): Eccentric free kick for the MHSC

Savanier takes care of putting the ball in the box… and misses his cross. For the moment, opportunities remain very rare at Moustoir.

Sainté-Strasbourg (1-2): BUUUUUUT DE STRASBOURG!


On a cross from Guilbert a little strange, Perrin tries a magnificent technical gesture to volley. Bernardoni is surprised. The people of Strasbourg take the advantage!

Rennes-Troyes (2-0): ESTAC in the hard

The Troyes players are totally stunned by this start to the match and do not seem able to react for the moment. It takes a big Gallon game to keep the score from getting worse.

Goal confirmed for Strasbourg

After a little hesitation and the study of the images in Paris, the goal is indeed validated for the RCSA, which thus regains a little air compared to Rennes in the classification.

Sainté-Strasbourg (1-1): BUUUT FOR RACING!

Strasbourg’s equalizer with a header! On a free kick, Bernardoni misses his exit in the air, embarrassed by one of his teammates. In the process, Diallo only has to put in the back of the head. 1-1!

Rennes-Troyes (2-0): GUIRASSY SLOWS TROYES!

Les Troyens have been on the wrong track for a week. After the five goals conceded against Brest, it is Rennes who are playing the defense of Troyes. Guirassy is served by Meling and only has to finish with a header: 2-0!

Moment of calm

Lorient and Montpellier start their match slowly, Brest still fails to react frankly… and Rennes insists, without success so far.

Rennes-Troyes (1-0): GUIRASSY GOOOOO!


On a corner, there too, Guirassy arises after a stoppage from Gallon to repel a header from Traoré. The Trojans were slow to react, Rennes took the lead and led 1-0 in front of their home crowd.

Reims-Brest (1-0): Ekitike … on the post!

The Rémois continue their big start to the match at full speed, with yet another breakthrough from Ekitike. His shot touches the post before coming out… and the striker hits his thigh immediately. The game seems over for him.

Reims-Brest (1-0): Ekitike’s quick attack

While Brest tries to respond immediately to the goal conceded, the Bretons are countered by a quick attack from Ekitike. The attacker is finally Hérelle and commits a slight fault.

Reims-Brest (1-0): REIMS SOOOOO!

AND THE REMOIS SCORED TOO! Start of twirling multiplex with a headed goal, from Wout Faes, on a corner in favor of Reims. Les Champenois lead 1-0 against Brest.

ASSE-Strasbourg (1-0): GOOOOO!

AND THE FREE KICK HITS IT! Boudebouz manages to trick the Strasbourg block, 1-0 for Saint-Etienne!

ASSE-Strasbourg: indirect free kick for Sainté

After a bad back pass, Sels must intervene at the last moment in front of Khazri, with his hand… It will be an indirect free kick for the Greens. All Strasbourg are on their line to defend.

Let’s go for the multi Ligue 1!

The kick-off is given to Geoffroy-Guichard to launch this afternoon of Ligue 1, in the wake of Nice’s short success against SCO. And there will inevitably be movement at the bottom of the rankings during this live.

The Greens on their way?

With Pascal Dupraz on the bench, the Stéphanois remain on an astonishing series of 3 consecutive victories in Ligue 1, including a stunning success against Clermont last week. But opposite, the Strasbourgeois are also in great shape and can consolidate their 4th place by taking a 6-point lead over Nantes and OL in the event of a victory.

The line-ups of Reims-Brest

Last match of this multiplex almost without stake, if not to offer an easier end of the championship, between Reims and Brest.

The eleven of the Rémois : Rajkovic – Busi, Faes, Kebbal, Lopy – Flips, Munetsi, Matusiwa, Locko – Ekitike, Mbucku.

Brest’s eleven : Bizot – Pierre-Gabriel, Herelle, Brassier, Duverne – Magnetti, Agoumé – Del Castillo, Belaïli, Honorat – Satriano.

The compositions of Saint-Strasbourg

The eleven of ASSE : Bernardoni – Sacko, Mangala, Nadé, Kolodziejczak – Camara, Youssouf – Boudebouz, Khazri, Bouanga – Thioub.

The eleven of Racing : Salts – Guilbert, Nyamsi, Djiku, Perrin, Caci – Prcic, Bellegarde, Thomasson – Gameiro, Diallo.

Lineups from Lorient-Montpellier

Another match that could weigh both for Europe, even if Montpellier still has a long way to go, and for the maintenance between FC Lorient and MHSC.

The eleven of Lorient : Dreyer – Mendes, Laporte, Petrot, Le Goff – Boisgard, Abergel, Innocent – Laurienté, Soumano, Monconduit.

The eleven of Montpellier : Omlin – Souquet, Cozza, Sakho, Oyongo – Chotard, Ferri, Savanier, Sambia, Mollet – Wahi.

The line-ups of Rennes-Troyes

After the narrow defeat conceded at the Parc des Princes last weekend, Bruno Génésio made a small attacking change in his team, with the tenure at the top of Guirassy.

The eleven of Rennes : Gomis – Traoré, Omari, Aguerd, Meling – Bourigeaud, Santamaria, Majer – Terrier, Guirassy, ​​Laborde

The eleven of Troyes : Gallon – Kaboré, Palmer-Brown, Salmier, Rami, Conte – Kouamé, Tardieu, Chavalerin – Ugbo, Baldé.

A remote and simultaneous struggle to maintain

Four clubs stand above the last place in Ligue 1, a small point ahead of the Girondins de Bordeaux (20th with 20 points): Metz, who held the draw in Lille on Friday evening, and three other clubs who are playing this afternoon at the same time, at 3 p.m. Saint-Etienne welcomes Strasbourg residents in great shape, Troyes goes to Rennes who still hope for Europe, Lorient welcomes Montpellier. Finally, Brest moves to Reims.

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