Montreux: a cat thief believed to have recovered hers


Justice had to settle a case that arose because of cats that looked alike like two drops of water.

A Montreusienne had recovered a cat, being convinced that it was hers.


The justice of the East of Vaud had to settle an astonishing case of cat theft in Montreux. A woman had indeed recovered a kitty and refused to return it to its owner because she was convinced that it was hers. The injured man had filed a complaint.

The story begins in August. A Montreusienne then loses her cat. She reports it to Police Riviera and sticks portraits of the missing person in her neighborhood. But in vain.

In November, however, he was told that a cat had been prowling his street for several days. She finds him and brings him home, very happy to have found her hairy companion. The problem? Even if he looks “like two drops of water” to his cat, relates “24 hours”, it is not his.

She keeps this double at home for four days and refuses to return it to its owner. But the animal has a microchip, checked by the police, and she cannot lie: this kitty is not hers, it is returned to its owner.

Seized of a complaint for theft, justice finally decided to close the case, considering that the good faith of the Montreux cat “thief” was established. However, she sentenced this woman to 10 suspended day-fines and a fine of 100 francs for defamation, notes the Vaudois daily. She had indeed accused, wrongly, the real owner of the cat of badly maintaining it.

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