most lawyers’ invalidity motions dismissed


Lawyers for alleged members of the “Petit Bar” gang requested in November 2021 the cancellation of part of the investigation proceedings relating to the finances of the criminal organization. Most of the nullity requests were rejected on February 9 by the investigating chamber of the Aix-en-Provence Court of Appeal.

The investigative chamber of the Aix-en-Provence Court of Appeal delivered its judgment on Wednesday February 9 concerning the motions for nullity of most of the lawyers for members of the alleged “Petit Bar” gang in the procedure concerning the financial record of the case.

Some of these requests concerned the use of soundtracks in the apartment of Jacques Santoni, presented by the investigators as the leader of the tape. The devices would have been installed as part of another investigation concerning the band and according to the lawyers these sound systems may have been used in the context of this so-called financial investigation.

“The law says that sound systems cannot last more than two years, and here, in this case, they lasted four years, three months and fourteen days. So it’s not because we’re trying to give a status particular to Mr. Jacques Santoni

that everything is permitted. There are rules of law and it is not possible to proceed in this way“, declared on November 8 his lawyer Maître Pascal Garbarini at the microphone of France 3 Corse ViaStella.

This Wednesday, he says to himself “satisfied” that some of the nullities raised have been retained by the investigating chamber, in particular on the breach of medical secrecy and the breach of privacy. As a result of this decision, the court partially canceled the indictment of his client for extortion in an organized gang.

“I would have liked the investigating chamber to continue its reasoning and cancel all invasions of privacy”, Mr. Garbarini continues. The lawyer declares that he will lodge an appeal in cassation. Other lawyers whose requests have been rejected are also considering going to cassation.

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