The defendants were found guilty on Thursday of having extorted a sum of money from a vulnerable couple at night, with the aggravating circumstance of the murder of Jacques Hubinon. They were also found guilty of several extortions. He was found guilty of computer fraud, but not her.

The crime took place in Marcinelle, the night of April 27 to 28, 2019. Jacques Hubinon, stepfather of Johnny Falise, refused to give him money. He was beaten up at home by Johnny Falise, in front of his partner, Marie Simon, and Francine GĂ©nicot.

The defendants, who drank and used cocaine, had been emptying the victims’ bank accounts for nearly three years. These, although benefiting from a pension of around 4,000 euros per month, lived in precarious conditions. They occupied a studio without private bathrooms and had difficulty making ends meet.

Thursday, the jurors considered that Johnny Falise was guilty of the facts and that Francine Genicot was co-author, except for the computer frauds. The restraining order was enforced by the prosecution and the accused spent the night in jail, while she appeared free at her trial.

In his indictment on the sentences, the Advocate General noted the seriousness of the facts. “Johnny Falise is a very violent character. Francine Genicot could also be violent in certain circumstances. The forensic doctor found traces, which prove that the facts were not isolated, they lasted over time. Jacques Hubinon was beaten for years, Marie Simon had her hair torn out. The facts are very serious”.

Regarding the personality of the protagonists of this story, the Advocate General notes that Jacques Hubinon was a good, kind, gentle, lovable, pleasant man, who wanted a quiet retirement. “He asked to live in peace, in tranquility, in good neighborhood”.

Marie Simon is a mentally retarded, illiterate woman who has been described as kind and gentle by those close to her. Very marked by the facts, she is now hospitalized, unable to come and testify at the trial.

Johnny Falise is a dangerous and violent personality. The man has been described as lazy, manipulative, provocative, brawler, drinker, sex-obsessed, thief, jealous, possessive, vulgar, drug addict? “It’s extremely rare to have such a bad personality investigation,” said the experienced general counsel, out of retirement. “We will tell you that he had an unhappy childhood. At 50, he had the opportunity to experience other ways of living!” Finally, according to the psychiatrist, the risk of recurrence is high. The prosecution does not identify any mitigating circumstances.

Francine Genicot, in tears since her return to prison, has been described by shrinks as a theatrical woman, “presenting a latent contempt for others”. Not very empathetic, she tends to play the victim. According to those close to her, she was never really a good mother, preferring her lovers to her children, cafes to family chores.

“I did not find anything positive in her personal journey,” insisted the Advocate General according to which, unhappy childhood is not a mitigating circumstance in the case of Francine Genicot. However, her relatives came to declare that she had changed after her release, during the investigation. He lets the judges appreciate.