Mysterious disappearances of more than a hundred cats in the Hérault Center

Mystery in several villages in the center of Hérault. For many months, dozens of cats disappear without any explanation. Over a hundred in all. Some have been found by their masters, but they are few in number and generally in poor condition. A large majority of them have therefore not reappeared and the inhabitants of the municipalities concerned are beginning to ask themselves questions: fur trafficking, malicious acts?

In Tressan, Le Pouget, Plaissan, Paulhan or even Puilacher, we are worried. What is troubling in this case is that the owners of these felines often live on the same street of one of these villages, a little away from the center.

At the beginning of the year, a resident of Tressan notices that her cat has suddenly disappeared during the night. It is by dint of looking for it in the surrounding towns, that she ended up collecting several dozen similar testimonies. Saïda Ounnas, the owner of Choco compiled a file of several dozen pages: photos of missing cats, or found, but injured, the reports of the veterinarians who treated them or the maps of the towns and streets where their masters live. “It’s not my cat’s habit to stray from the house. So I investigated. I saw that other neighbors had experienced the same problem, they couldn’t find their cat. I don’t know if there is someone malicious behind all these disappearances. They are all tattooed or chipped. 140 cats disappearing like this in less than two years? I want, I want to know who, what, how? Why ? “

Annie Benezech, the director of the Montpellier SPA, is preparing to bring a civil action as soon as the justice system is seized. But for that, it is still necessary that the gendarmes agree to receive the complaints. “The number of missing cats is still quite staggering. It may be trafficking, or even international trafficking. I am still very surprised at the non-reaction of the gendarmes who, when individuals come file a complaint for the disappearance of cats, refuse the complaint of these people. It’s a little funny, but there’s nothing to laugh about. The anti-cat phenomenon exists. We’ve had decapitated cats, we’ve had cats hanged, we had all that. But there, given the size and surface area, it still seems to me to be something else. I am also appealing to the Béziers public prosecutor’s office because it is not normal that people who have animals that disappear in extremely bizarre conditions are not heard.

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