Naisey-les-Granges. Six-year-old child traumatized after dog attack

Anne-Sophie Guillemin, the mother of Gabriel, 6 years old, does not recover from her retrospective fear. “My son was with his father, in Naisey-les-Granges, on January 30. It was a family Sunday. In the afternoon, our child wanted to see the animals from the nearby farm after playing football. He is very interested in cows. As he watched, the operator’s dog jumped on his back, scratched and bit him. »

Gabriel came back crying and very traumatized. He still is, fifteen days later. The parents, angry, reported the facts to the breeder and filed a complaint with the gendarmerie. The first viewing of the farmer’s surveillance video revealed nothing notable. The dog was not present, the child, yes.

“Gabriel’s word was questioned but we did not let it go. We demanded the complete reading of the tapes and could see our son being attacked by the dog, in wandering. Its owner lied to us by only showing, at first, the images where nothing was happening. Currently, the animal must be tied up. That’s what we hope. »

“My dog ​​is not aggressive”

Gabriel was taken to the Maison Verte, in Besançon, for psychological help. “He is very touched by what happened to him”, notes Anne-Sophie Guillemin. “I take him there once a week. Claw and fang marks were visible on his back for a few days. If they have disappeared, the shock of the aggression is still very present in the mind of our son. »

Reached on this subject by telephone, the breeder explains, briefly, that his animal was attached. “The cameras do not show that my dog ​​bit the child. The latter came to my house three times on the afternoon in question. He had no business here. No adult appeared to stop him. My dog ​​is not normally aggressive. He is used to kids and has fun with them. I have nothing else to say. An investigation is underway. »

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