Nantes: Neymar’s penalty, his future, the Blues … Lafont gives himself up


Hero of success against Paris Saint-Germain (3-1) on Saturday, Alban Lafont notably stopped Neymar’s penalty. A feat told on the set of Prime Video, where the young FC Nantes goalkeeper spoke about his ambitions for the club and for the national team.

Nantes: Neymar's penalty, his future, the Blues ... Lafont gives himself up

Alban Lafont has great ambitions for the rest of his career.

Man of the match against Paris Saint-Germain (3-1) on Saturday, Alban Lafont is perhaps even the MVP of the 25th day of Ligue 1.

This shows how much the FC Nantes goalkeeper impressed with his 8 successful saves in front of the Parisian stars.

His secret against Neymar

The 23-year-old Frenchman notably stopped the penalty from Neymar, who nevertheless disgusted many goalkeepers before him. So how did Lafont do it?

As soon as I saw that it was Neymar who was going to shoot, I already knew my strategy: wait as much as possible, revealed the guest of the program Sunday Evening Football on Prime Video. From the way he shoots, I know that where I am from, I can pick her up so I wait as long as possible. Listening to it, it seems quite simple. Except that the goalkeepers all have a sometimes inevitable reflex.

Lafont dreams bigger

Why do the other goalkeepers often leave first? Maybe if it was another shooter, I would have left before. a varies according to the shooters. For us goalkeepers, penalties are quite complicated, explained the former Toulouse player. When it’s a strong shot, you often have to leave before the shot. Anticipating this trend, Lafont also uses it when planning the rest of his career. Le Canari feels good near La Beaujoire, but does not intend to stay there for too long.

All players dream of playing in major leagues, in major teams, and playing in European cups. So obviously, in the near future, I would like to achieve these objectives, announced Lafont. But I’m really focused on my season. We are on a good run, we have to continue to be as efficient as possible. Incidentally, the Bleuet (14 caps for the Espoirs) admits a weakness for the Premier League, without closing the door to Ligue 1.

A blue future?

A more ambitious club in France can indeed offer him the experience and exposure necessary to achieve his other goal, namely the French team. It has always been a goal for me, confided the goalkeeper who passed through Fiorentina. But I still have a lot to learn. I have to keep working on training and performing well with my team. Then we’ll see, why not? Behind Hugo Lloris and Mike Maignan, everything is possible.

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