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Local tourism is booming! And our beautiful region offers many possibilities that guarantee a total change of scenery without having to cross half the planet. Among them, we have just come across an incredible experience in Belgium. It is about spending a stay within the domain of the Caves of Hanbetween bears, wolves, bison, deer… In short the total! If the park already offers safaris that make you dream, waking up among the animals has an even more incredible flavor! Lhe safari located less than 2 hours from Lille offers an unusual getaway in comfortable perched cabins in the middle of animal territory! Spend a night surrounded by nature in a Tree Tent, in the heart of the Animal Park! Admire the magnificent panoramas of the former Lesse valley and observe the animals of the plain in complete privacy: stags, fallow deer, aurochs, Przewalski’s horses or mouflons… An extraordinary adventure awaits you!

Perched in the heart of the forest, these dwellings, called Tree Tents, offer total immersion. In the program : vshe 8 unusual accommodations, perched high on platforms arranged between the trees, blend into the natural setting. From the small terrace with awning in front of your tent, you can peacefully observe the animals of the plain.

In terms of food, everything is planned to make your stay perfect. For evening : haspero (cava and small savory snacks), BBQ meal with drinks (37.50 cl of red wine per tent + 25 cl of Blonde de Han (local beer) per person + water), dessert. For breakfast, it’s one basket per person with a croissant and a chocolate couque, yoghurt, fruit, homemade fruit juice (milk or cocoa for children) and coffee or tea. Finally, you can leave directly afterwards for a ride with the Tidy in a part of the valley of the Park to see the animals in the morning! And of course, you have unlimited access to everything!

So, that makes you want to, doesn’t it?

Count 159€ for an adult and 89€ for a child.

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