Near Rennes: a cat that disappeared for two years, miraculously found

Youpi disappeared for two years before being found to the delight of its owners. (©Actu Rennes)

Not all news is bad. Sometimes miracles happen. This is the case of Yippeea cat belonging to Morgane and Jehan.

This couple had lost Youpi two years ago when they lived Chantepienear reindeer. Losing their pet was a tragedy for them. But, last week, they received a call that they no longer expected. Youpi has been found. News Rennes contacted the owners to find out how they found their animal.

Long searches in vain

“It was in August 2020,” recalls Jehan with emotion in his voice. “I come home from work one evening, he was not there. Youpi is used to getting out of the house and walking around. But normally when I come home, he is there. “Time passes, still no trace of the cat.

Yet when you call his name, he comes right away. He is a very well behaved cat. We had a great bond.

JehanOwner of Youpi

“The first evening we took out his litter box,” continues Jehan, without any result. The next day, Jehan asked his colleagues for help to search for the missing person: “we went door to door. »

Without any news, Jehan and Morgane then decided to put up posters in shops of Chantepie. To their great despair, there was no sign of Youpi, despite several attempts at the town hall and the pound. The cat only 3 years old disappeared without a trace.

We started to think that someone had taken him away or that something bad had happened.

Time continued to pass as did the hope of finding their pet. “We didn’t say it was over but we kept in mind that we could find him,” assures the owner of Youpi.

A move to Vannes and a miracle

In August 2021fate deals a new blow to their research, the couple must move for professional reasons to Valves. “We wondered what was going to happen. We left with a ball in our stomachs, ”says Jehan. Tuesday, May 3 last is the miracle.

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Morgane called me, she asked me if I was seated. I told him yes. Then she said to me: we found Youpi. I cried with joy. All the pressure fell, in two years it still worked on me, there was no trace of him. It’s like losing someone without being able to grieve, because you never found them.

JehanOwner of Youpi

The strangest thing is that Youpi hasn’t left his neighborhood. He stayed in Chantepie. It’s a woman living next to Jehan’s former workplace who found the missing person and took him to the veterinary clinic. “We wondered if the cat didn’t have the instinct to approach my old workplace, if he didn’t feel something”.

Youpi is in perfect health.
Youpi is in perfect health, he is not injured. (©Actu Rennes)

An emotional reunion

The couple left Vannes to pick it up the next day. In the car, during the hour’s journey that separated them from Rennes, the two young people asked themselves “lots of questions”: Was Yippee going to recognize them, would he be aggressive? “We were both excited and worried,” admits Jehan. However, there was nothing to worry about.

Before letting us go home, the lady who found him told us he was sleeping on the couch. I moved very slowly towards him, I bent down, I said his name. His ears moved, he woke up, saw me and recognized me.

Jehan Owner of Youpi

There followed a hug session that Jehan is not ready to forget.

And if the couple wonders what Youpi could have done during these two years of absence, Jehan and Morgane are relieved to see that “Youpi is doing very well” and has not “no injuries in particular“. On the contrary, he “even gained a little weight”.

Now, the miraculous cat must readapt to life with its owners, especially since it has become a big brother, with the arrival of Chewiesa little kitten.

Following this experience, Jehan wants to send a message to those who, like Morgane and him, have lost their animal: ” do not lose hope ! Like what, sometimes, the stories end really well.

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