Nearly 2,000 signatures collected by a petition so that the gendarmes no longer use their weapon against stray dogs

Bettina Krausse, a resident of Col de Castillon, found her dying dog on February 17, a few meters from her home.

The Australian Shepherd, deemed too aggressive towards neighbors, was shot dead by a policeman in troubled circumstances, causing a stir on social networks.

While the investigation is still ongoing [une plainte a été déposée au commissariat de Menton, ndlr]veterinarian Frédéric Mathieu, who examined the animal, launched an online petition against the use of firearms to neutralize pets.

“What happened in Castillon is not a special case, there was a similar antecedent in Contes some time ago”regrets the professional, who denounces here “a new scourge”. “The firearm should only be used as a last resort, if the person is really attacked. There are other ways before that to capture the animal, by calling in specialized brigades or with lassos. I don’t I didn’t spend ten years studying to see animals end their lives like this…”he laments.

Published on Saturday, the petition addressed to the National Assembly has collected more than 3,000 signatures to date.

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