Nepal celebrates dogs as part of Hindu festival

Dogs across Nepal received flower garlands and snacks on Monday to mark Kukur Tihar, a day set aside to honor them.

Written yesterday at 11:01 am.

This celebration falls on the second day of the five-day festival of Tihar, dedicated to the Hindu god of death, Yama.

“Today is the day to respect the work done by dogs. Dogs are extremely important to security agencies. We consider Kukur Tihar (Dog Day) as a special day to recognize and pay tribute to their contribution,” explains police officer Ramesh Pokharelé.

“We have respected, garlanded, honored and cared for the dogs – not only those who live in the home, but also those who live on the street. This is how we celebrate this festival,” adds Rishi Ram Paudel, a resident of Kathmandu.

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