Thanks to a donation from the France AVC Federation and the Rotary Club of Fort-de-France Sud, the Mango Vulcin hospital in Le Lamentin is equipped with a new tool for the rapid detection of the precursor signs of Vascular Accident Cerebral. This equipment is installed in the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (MPR).

After the free supply of exoskeletons by the Rotary du Lamentin, the France AVC Federation and the Rotary Club of Fort-de-France Sud took over the generosity towards the Center Hospitalier Universitaire de Martinique (the CHUM), by donating this time, a new device dedicated to the rapid detection of the precursor signs of Cerebral Vascular Accident (CVA).

Stroke Detection Wand

Stroke detection wand offered at the CHUM.

©Martinique the 1st

This tool is now the property of the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (MPR) department of the Mangot Vulcin site in Le Lamentin. In Martinique, stroke is responsible for more than 200 deaths per year and is the leading cause of acquired non-traumatic motor disability, according to the France AVC 972 association.

The Cerebral Vascular Accident affects more than 800 Martinicans / year. Stroke is a race against time. The faster the treatment, the less serious the sequelae. The objectives of this operation are two-fold: firstly, to raise public awareness of the risks thanks to the innovative rapid screening system and secondly, to make the missions of the France AVC 972 association known to the general public.

The France AVC 972 association

Presentation of stroke detection wand

Presentation of the stroke detection wand at the CHUM.

©Martinique the 1st

A Stroke (also called a “stroke”) occurs when blood flow to or within the brain is interrupted by a blocked blood vessel (ischemic stroke – most common in 85% of cases), or by a ruptured vessel ( hemorrhagic stroke).

  • Ischemic stroke (or cerebral infarction)
  1. The artery is clogged with cholesterol-rich plaque (atherosclerosis). We are talking about cerebral thrombosis.
  2. By a blood clot coming to obstruct the artery. It is then a cerebral embolism.
  • Hemorrhagic stroke (15% of cases)

It is most often due to a ruptured aneurysm. Tumors, hypertensive crises and various bleeding disorders can also lead to brain hemorrhages.

Stroke alert / signs

The warning signs of Cerebral Vascular Accident (CVA).

©Ministry of Solidarity and Health

In France, about 15 million people are hypertensive and nearly 11 million people are treated according to figures from the Ministry of Solidarity and Health. This pathology is the 3rd leading cause of death in men and the 2nd in women, after cancer and myocardial infarction” recalls the association.

France AVC 972 is a branch of the France AVC federation created in 2019, whose objective is to“Supporting victims of Cerebral Vascular Accident, taking them out of their isolation and building around them, prevention, awareness, support and reintegration programs”.