New Google Ads Inventory Packages for Advertising Campaigns to Encourage Support for Media Diversity

Google has added a new way to help support minority-owned publishers, with the ability to select ad placements on Latino and Women Owned Publisher Websites for Display & Video 360 campaigns.

The options expand on Google’s Multicultural Inventory Metrics, which it added for black-owned publishers last year, and will provide more ways for marketers to put more emphasis on selling points. sale owned by minorities.

As explained by Google (in English only:

“When you go to Marketplace, you can find inventory packages with attributes that feature Latino-owned and Women-owned publisher inventory. We use these same attributes to make it easier to discover publishers owned by individuals in these communities, so you can add these properties to your media plans.

So now when browsing your auction packages for placement you will see these icons on selected units.

The feature gives advertisers another way to support multicultural publishersand ensure they have more control over placement and bidding in this context.

And with most ad-supported media websites having more ability to invest in a broader and more diverse set of voices also helps to ensure that support is more evenly distributed online.

You can find the new metrics in your Display and Video 360 auction packages.

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