New Google Tool Reveals ALL Your Search History – Exposing Years of Online Habits


GOOGLE Chrome is launching a new tool that could send you down a rabbit hole of your old search history.

The new feature is called Google Journeys and it will categorize your search history so it’s easy to browse what you’re looking for.

Journeys is a new feature in Google Chrome that concerns your search history


Journeys is a new feature in Google Chrome that concerns your search historyCredit: Google

Journeys will categorize your search history by topic.

All you need to do is enter a keyword into the new Journeys search bar in your Chrome account.

All of your searches related to that keyword should appear.

There is also a “Resume Your Search” button which will take you to the exact links you previously clicked on.

This is useful if you want to access a site that you visited a few weeks ago, but can’t remember the specific address.

It’s not very useful if you share a computer with someone and you’re worried that they’ll see your specific searches.

The feature is not tied to your Google account and will simply show you the sites you have visited on that specific device.

The Journeys page will display the sites you spent the most time on.

It will also provide suggestions for sites you might like based on what you searched for.

You will be able to delete specific sites from Journeys and if you clear your search history often enough, most sites will not show up.

It also won’t show sites you’ve visited on a private browser.

If you’re worried, you can disable the feature altogether.

Journey’s is now available on the desktop version of Chrome in English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese and Turkish.

You may need to update Chrome to see the Journeys feature.

Google will promote Journeys when you type in a keyword you search often or you can visit the Chrome History Journey page.

Go to your settings and click on “Search History” and it should appear.

Yana Yushkina, product manager for the Chrome team, said in a statement: “The journeys will even take into account your interactions with a site to bring the most relevant information to the fore, while giving you useful suggestions on related topics. searches you might want to try next.”

How to Delete Google Chrome Search History

First, sign in to your Google Account and click on “Data & Privacy” in the menu.

To see your saved activity on the search engine, scroll down to “History Settings” and select “Web & App Activity”.

Here you can disable it completely or choose to prevent Google from tracking your Chrome browser history and Google account activity by unchecking the first box.

In order to prevent Google Assistant audio recordings, uncheck the second box.

In order to automatically delete your collected data either never, every three months or every 18 months, select “Automatic deletion” and choose the period you want – Google will automatically delete all current data older than the period you choose. once you have confirmed your choice.

Next, select “Manage Activity,” which displays all of Google’s information about you, sorted by date.

Here you can delete specific days, view more specific details, delete individual items, or delete part or all of your history manually.

Journeys is available on Chrome desktop, but you may need to update your browser


Journeys is available on Chrome desktop, but you may need to update your browserCredit: Getty

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