News from Pablo, the life-threatening Rottweiler hired after being beaten by his owner

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The Action Protection Animale association has given news of Pablo and they are rather reassuring. This dog who had been violently beaten by his master in Seine-Saint-Denis should be fine, according to the examinations carried out. His vital prognosis is no longer engaged.

The story of pablo aroused shock and emotion. This Rottweiler cruelly beaten by its owner is no longer between life and death. A miracle considering what he had endured.

The association Action Animal Protection gave reassuring news of the dog on instagram and its website.

The 3-year-old canine had been discovered in great pain by the police, bathed in his blood and screaming in pain at Aubervilliers (93). His master, a security guard, had beaten him up, leaving him in a state of shock and unable to stand on his feet.

The team ofABS and the police had discovered another dog at the home of the individual, who was taken into custody. This is a senior female German Shepherd/Belgian Shepherd Malinois cross. She was locked in a balcony and neglected.

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pablo had been taken to the veterinary emergency room in Levallois-Perret (92). After 2 days of great concern about his state of health, there was relief among his caregivers and volunteers. “We can finally say that Pablo is out of the woods! “, announced the association on instagram Saturday March 12.

X-rays and ultrasounds did not reveal any fractures or burst organs. “, continues theABS in his publication. A miracle, considering the state in which the Rottweiler had been found.

This is not his first act of mistreatment for his master; ” 5 dogs had already died before » pablo, says the organization. For the latter, the ordeal had lasted only too long. Beatings and deprivation of food marked his daily life. Pushed to the limit, he had dared to rebel, perhaps following yet another violenceexplains theABS. He had pinched the hand of his alcoholic holder who had then taken it into his head to “punish” him. »

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“A very gentle and courageous dog”

The unfortunate dog paid dearly for it. He was beaten with ” broomstick, stick and crib rail “. If he survived it, it’s thanks ” to his strong constitution. Any other dog would have died from the beatings. “, adds the post instagram. We also learn that pablo left the emergency room and that we continue to be treated in a veterinary clinic that is a partner of the association. Despite this terrible ordeal, the Rottweiler shows itself ” very sweet and brave », accepting « care without complaining “.

As for flowythe dog who lived locked up on the balcony and also cared for by Action Animal Protectionshe is doing well and finally tastes the “ happiness to be accompanied, caressed and respected “.

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