News | Health insurance: a scam via an SMS is increasingly rampant

It starts with an SMS and ends with more than a thousand euros stolen from your bank account. Several media including RTL or Le Parisien highlight a scam that is increasingly rampant. A simple message is sent to the telephone of people affiliated with the Health Insurance, supposedly coming from the organization, to invite them to fill out a form in order to obtain a new vital card.

Of course, this is absolutely not the case. The trick is to extract the victim’s personal information. In the columns of Parisian, a person testifies to having clicked on the link mentioned in his SMS. There, says this witness, she is redirected to the site resembling “like two drops of water“to that of Health Insurance. This is where the scam takes another turn: he is indeed asked to pay the sum of 0.99 euros for”cover the cost of sending the new vital card“. Once the bank card numbers are stolen, the hackers go to great lengths to buy on the internet. And to circumvent bank security, the victim received a call from a person posing as an advisor who alert on the fact of a piracy.It then offers the person to enter numbers to avoid the scam but in fact it is a code to confirm the purchases.

As the site of RTLthe site of the Assurance Maladie offers to get in touch with the user via an SMS but explains never to ask for personal information in this way (social security numbers or bank numbers).

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