Neymar makes two sensational announcements about his future!

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In the coming months, Neymar’s performance will once again be closely scrutinized. Back from injury, the Brazilian striker is expected at the turn to carry PSG with Messi and Mbappé. Now 30, Neymar is entering the home stretch of his career with very clear plans.

In an interview with the Brazilian podcast Fenomenos, Neymar spoke about his future. With important announcements. “I joke with my friends, I say that when I’m 32 it’s good,” Neymar first responds about his retirement, before saying more. “But honestly, I don’t know. I will play until I am mentally tired, as long as I am in a good mood. At the physical level, I can last a few more years, but it’s my head that must always be good. I hadn’t expected this. I have a contract with Paris until I’m 34, so until then I’m playing…”, concluded Neymar.

Retirement at 32… or the USA?

But the Brazilian also revealed that he has plans other than PSG for his future, for a particularly surprising reason… “I really want to play in the United States, at least for a season. And in Brazil, I don’t know, sometimes I want to, sometimes I don’t know. Why the United States? Firstly because the championship there is short, so you have three or four months of vacation (laughs)”, laughed the Brazilian.

to summarize

Neymar, the Brazilian star of PSG, confided with frankness about his future in a Brazilian podcast. With two size announcements. Indeed, the Parisian number 10 assured to have very clear plans for his future.

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