Nice: municipal officials work… with their pets


Sf the question of well-being at work has already been up to date for many years, the Covid-19 crisis has only made it even more important. Also, in Nice (Alpes-Maritimes), the municipality has decided to experiment with a curious cohabitation: its agents have, since January, been authorized to come to work with their pets.

“I see my colleagues de-stressing by taking the dog on their lap…”, says Julia to Nice morning. Since the measure was put in place, the municipal employee comes to the office with Gary, her dachshund. The young woman is sure: the idea is excellent, both for the employees and for the animals concerned.

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Dangerous dogs prohibited

The measure was proposed by Henry-Jean Servat, elected in charge of animal protection. And, to set an example, the latter himself decided to come to work with two of his four dogs. His idea took a long time to see the light of day: “We had to consult the unions, the city services”, remembers the elected official, who also secured the support of the mayor, Christian Estrosi. The text was finally voted on in December by the health, safety and working conditions committee (CHSCT), then validated by a municipal decree.

For now, a dozen employees have taken the plunge. Dogs, cats and caged birds are allowed. However, several conditions are necessary: ​​“You have to fill out a file, the animal must be clean, in good standing with its vaccines, and must not create any nuisance. » Category 1 and 2 dogs, considered dangerous by law (pit bulls, mastiffs, rottweillers, tosas), are obviously prohibited. The head of the department concerned must finally be consulted, and the neighboring colleagues give their agreement.

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