NÎMES Who stole the puppy “Texto” from SPA, heart disease?

Nîmes SPA photo

He has a heart condition and needs treatment.

A complaint was lodged on Saturday by the Nîmes Society for the Protection of Animals (SPA) and an investigation is underway following the theft of the “Texto” puppy from the association’s kennels located on the Sauve road. This little hunting dog, an 8-month-old English Setter, was no longer in his enclosure Saturday morning when the volunteers who came to care for the animals arrived. It had been stolen during the night without a break-in. The thief would have gone over the fence before leaving with the dog. This dog is causing quite a bit of envy as several people were interested in adopting him. But the SPA has inspection rights and gives its approval before any adoption, to ensure that the families meet the conditions and to try to find the best profiles for future adoptions. A check of the SPA is even more necessary as the puppy needs care.

An investigation is therefore underway to find the pet, identified by an electronic chip. Dozens of budding investigators have been searching for the beautiful setter since this weekend. The SPA says it has proof of the identity of the thieves and is asking for the puppy to be brought back as soon as possible to process it…



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