No, Penelope Fillon’s lawyer did not say she “could open 30 envelopes a day”

While the appeal trial of former Prime Minister François Fillon and his wife for suspicion of fictitious jobs is currently taking place in Paris, a quote attributed to their lawyer is massively shared on social networks. It is in fact a parody taken at face value.

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A screenshot of what looks like a press headline has been widely shared since Tuesday, November 16 on social media, Twitter in particular. Here is what the title in question: Penelope Fillon’s lawyer: “She could open up to 30 envelopes a day!”

Dozens of social media accounts took seriously a humorous column broadcast on Europe 1 (Twitter screenshot)

If this message has been shared so much in recent days, it is because former Prime Minister François Fillon, his wife and his ex-substitute have been appearing again since Monday in court in the context of the case of suspicions of fictitious employment of Penelope Fillon, when she was a parliamentary assistant at the National Assembly between 1998 and 2013.

The screenshot shared on Twitter and Facebook actually comes from the Europe 1 radio website. This is the title of a text by comedian Matthieu Noël, broadcast on Tuesday morning. The principle of this column is to put yourself in the shoes of a lawyer defending personalities who make the news. But nothing in the title indicates that it is a false pleading.

The couple had been convicted at first instance a year and a half ago. During this first trial, the defense of the Fillon spouses had explained in particular that Penelope had in particular taken care of the management of the mail of her companion. François Fillon then explained to receive “dozens and dozens” of letters to her home, without being able to give “precise figures”. For her part, Penelope Fillon had estimated receiving between “35 to 40 letters per week“.

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