Normandy: a farmer keeps wild boars away from his fields with dog hair

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A Norman farmer has found the solution to prevent wild boars from devouring his corn plants. He scatters dog hair in his fields.

How to fight against the invasion of wild boars in the countryside? As our colleagues from France Bleu tell us, this farmer living in a village near La Ferté-Macé in Normandy has found the miracle solution. The man used dog hair to scare away wild boars that ventured onto his cornfields to devour the grains.

“As wild boars have a strong sense of smell, the fact of smelling dog hair tells them that there is possibly the presence of one or more dogs and that repels them”, explained the farmer to France Bleu. “We see traces of wild boars near the fields but they no longer penetrate inside”.

Where to find these canine hairs?

And to collect dog hair, nothing could be simpler: the farmer goes to his sister-in-law who is a groomer. “I put aside big bags of 50 liters for him and then he scatters them in his fields. Dog hair in fact cannot be sorted, it goes in the trash. If other farmers in Orne or Mayenne want some, let them call me”, she confided to our colleagues.

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